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The following table shows an overview of all components that you can use to design your application. Some components are not supported in Google Cloud but can be delivered within the given days. If you have any requests, please contact us.


ComponentsScenariosOpen Telekom CloudGoogle Cloud
Public networkCreate a floating IP and assign to a compute.YesYes
Reuse an existing floating IP and assign to a computeYesNo (1w)
Multiple private networksCreate a private network a given CIDR.YesYes
Add a private network with an existing network_id.YesNo (1w)
Multiple subnets and regionsCreate multiple subnets of a global VPC network in different regions.Yes
Security groupsCreate security group rules / firewall rules (auto-generated or manual)YesYes
SNAT / Cloud GatewayVMs with no floating ip can make outgoing requests to the Internet.YesNo (2w)
DNSEndpointCreate a DNS and a record set type A pointing to a public compute.YesNo (2w)


ComponentsScenariosOpen Telekom CloudGoogle Cloud
Block storageCreate a block storage with 10 GB size.YesYes
Add a block storage with an existing volume_id.YesYes
Mount and format a block storage.YesYes
Object storageCreate an OBS bucket, an access key, grant users to upload objects.YesNo (3w)


ComponentsScenariosOpen Telekom CloudGoogle Cloud
Relational Database ServiceCreate a RDS and multiple databases.YesNo (1w)

Software components

NextcloudCreate the Nextcloud app with different template versions.
Prometheus monitoringCreate a monitoring system to collect metrics from VMs and send alerts.
HardeningHardening the OS and SSH on a VM to compliant with Privacy and Security Assessment process of Deutsche Telekom Group.
MongoDBDeploy a Mongodb cluster with primary and secondary instances.
MySQLServer, MySQLDatabaseDeploy MySQL server on a VM, create multiple database.
ApacheDeploy an Apache Webserver. on a VM and configure its vhost.