If you have any feature requests, please contact us. We will prioritize the upcoming features based on your requests.

14.10.2021 - Beta 2.4



  • [Document]: How to use Git in the editor.
  • [UI] Migrate the front-end implementation from AngularJS to Angular 11.
  • [UI] Wrong user authentication shows error message popup in the same page.
  • [UI] Login timeout shows users a warning dialog so that they can extend the login session.
  • [UI] Improve the date filter when searching for the deployment logs.
  • [UI] Check invalid characters when typing the application name.
  • [Orchestrator] Improve error handling from Open Telekom Cloud.

Bug fixes

  • Fix cannot download deployment logs.
  • Fix cannot push to a remote git repository.

25.08.2021 - Beta 2.3


  • Hardening automation: Add new service catalogs SshHardening and OsHardening to secure a VM automatically.

26.07.2021 - Beta 2.2


  • Users can design a custom workflow with an on failure step (ALIEN-3459).


  • Undeploy process improvement: If an undeploy process encounters any errors, it continues to the end and reports which resources it failed to remove (ALIEN-3576).
  • Users can enable/disable the topology validation. If enable, the topology is auto-validated without clicking the save button (ALIEN-3571).
  • Performance improvement of the topology modifier so that users can deploy an environment faster.

Bug fixes

  • Fix error users cannot deploy an application when the application name has empty spaces.

17.05.2021 - Beta 2.1


  • Multi-projects support: After logging in, users can choose a project to work on.
  • Network topology validation: The designer validates the network topology when saving.
  • Retry provisioning: Some cloud resources (e.g., security group, networks, floating IPs, etc.) are safe to retry upon errors instead of breaking the whole deployment or undeployment process. Currently, the process waits 10s and retries one time.

14.04.2021 - Beta 2.0



Cloud NAT gateway on Google Cloud not yet supported. It means, a VM on Google Cloud without an external IP address cannot make an outbound connection to the Internet.

29.11.2020 - Beta 1.2


01.10.2020 - Beta 1.1

Bug fixes

  • Fix the web front-end layout which hides the deployment status.



  • In the first release, we experienced that the deployment init took more than 1 minute to complete. We optimized the performance and reduced the deployment init to about 6s.


  • Add a quick search in the documentation.

01.09.2020 - Beta 1.0



  • Specify cpu, ram, os, distribution for compute nodes.
  • Auto-matching compute nodes with available flavors and images on Open Telekom Cloud.
  • Auto-delete a given compute node after the deployment completes.


  • Assign a floating ip for a given network port.
  • Specify a fixed-ip for a given network port.
  • Support multiple network ports for a given compute node.
  • Support multiple private networks for the communication between compute nodes.
  • Specify an admin private network in the topology for provisioning software components on compute nodes.


  • Attach block storages to compute nodes.
  • Format disk and mount volume to given path on the compute node.

Bastion host

  • Support provisioning a bastion host by drag and drop the SSHBastionHost software component on a compute node.

Security group

  • Define security groups / security rules for a given network port.
  • Support auto-generated security groups for enabling the connect relationship between two software components.

Software components

  • Support the generic Bash component (i.e., users can upload configuration scripts to the component interfaces to start, configure, and stop it).
  • Support drawing the connect relationship between two Bash components. Users can upload script to configure a source node to connect to a target node.
  • Support injected environment variables in the configuration script (e.g., SOURCE_IP, TARGET_IP) so that users can use them in their configuration scripts.

TOSCA Modelling

  • Support TOSCA functions: get_input, get_property, get_attribute, concat, get_operation_output
  • Support TOSCA node operation and relationship operation.
  • Support TOSCA operations implementations: Bash, Python, Ansible scripts.