Nextcloud app

1. Create app

You can create the Nextcloud app from the Nextcloud template:

Fig. Nextcloud template

With the Template v1.0.0, Nextcloud is deployed in one VM:

Fig. Nextcloud template v1

With the Template v2.0.0, Nextcloud is deployed in two VM:

  • Apache Webserver, PHP, and Nextcloud app are deployed on the front-end Compute.
  • MySQL server and database is deployed on the back-end Compute_2.

Fig. Nextcloud template v2

With the Template v3.0.0, Nextcloud app uses the remote Relational Database Service offered by Open Telekom Cloud as the MySQL Server.

Fig. Nextcloud template v3

3. (Optional) Configure Nextcloud app

  • download_url: Provide the URL to download nextcloud. Defaults to
  • datadir: Specify the location to store Nextcloud data. Default to: /mnt/nc-data.
  • password: Specify admin password for Nextcloud. The password is auto-generated if not specified.

Fig. Nextcloud app config

2. (Optional) Configure the DNS

  • Input your domain in the dns_name field of Apache (e.g.,

Fig. Configure DNS

3. Expect result

  1. The deployment outputs the floating IP and admin account:

Fig. Nextcloud app outputs

  1. Access nextcloud using the floating IP:

Fig. Nextcloud app access

  1. Access nextcloud using DNS:

If dns_name is specified, one DNS public zone with 2 record sets type A and will be created on Open Telekom Cloud. The record sets point to the floating IP (e.g.,

Fig. DNS created

  • The DNS zone takes effect only after you update the nameservers of your domain at the domain registrar to: and