How to use the Bash component to upload a file to a compute

Step 1. Upload a file

  1. Click on the Bash component, go to the Artifacts section.

Fig. upload a file

  1. Click upload and select a file (e.g., readme.txt) from the local archieve content. This file will be uploaded to the compute node.

Fig. upload a local file

(Alternative) Step 2. Upload a remote file

Under Remote, you can specify a remote URL to upload a file from github or gitlab.

Fig. upload a remote file

For examples:

  • URL:
  • File:

In this example, the file from the given github will be uploaded to the compute node.


We allow to upload files from the following domains:,,,,,,,,

Step 3. Use the uploaded file

  • Write a configure artifact for the Bash component (e.g., as follows:
# the environment variable $upload holds the path to the upload file
echo "Path to upload file: $upload"
cat $upload

Expected result

When the Bash component is executed on the compute, the deployment logs will print out the path to the uploaded file (e.g., /home/ubuntu/.yorc.../readme.txt) and its content.

Fig. Result upload a local file