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How to create a user and login

How to login the Cloud Topology Designer?

  • Go to:
  • Login with your Open Telekom Cloud credentials (i.e., domain name, username, and password), just like when you login the console:

Fig. Login to the Cloud Topology Designer.

  • After logging in, you can choose a project, where you want to design and deploy your applications:

Fig. Choose a project.

You cannot login?

  • You may use the wrong credentials from MyWorkplace.
  • You may have Virtual MFA Device enabled for login authentication. Please choose either SMS, Email, or disable it instead (Go to the console / click on username / My credentials / Login authentication).
  • You do not have an account in the Identity Management. Read below to create one.

How to create a new user account

In case you do not have an Open Telekom Cloud user account, please ask your tenant administrator to create one for you. The following tutorial shows how a tenant administrator creates a new user and assign the given user to a project in the Identity Management:

1. Create a new project

Fig. Identity Management

  1. Go to: Projects
  2. Create Project.
  3. Input project name: eu-de_test

Fig. Create a project

2. Create a user group for a project

  1. Go to: User Groups / Create User Group
  2. Input a group name: test

Fig. Create a user group

3. Set permissions for the new user group

  1. Go to: User Groups / Modify User Group
  2. Go to: Attach Policy next to the new project eu-de_test

Fig. Assign permission to the group

  • Add the Tenant Administrator policy to the project. Now users in the group test have the permissions to provision cloud resources in the project eu-de_test.

Fig. How to set the Tenant Administrator role in IAM


You can also allow users to design the application for you but they do not have the permissions to deploy the application in a given project by adding the Tenant Guest policy instead.

4. Create a new user in a group

  1. Go to: Users / Create User.
  2. Input user name: testuser.
  3. Assign the user to the new group test.

Fig. Create a user


Now the user testuser has the permissions to provision cloud resources in the project eu-de_test.