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How to work with Git

You can push changes to and pull from a remote Git repository:

How to push to a remote Git repository?

  • Create a new Github repository (e.g., test-git).

Fig. Create a new git repo

  • In the design editor, click Remote to config the git url (e.g.,

Fig. Config git url

  • Design your application and save your work.
  • Click Push:
    • If using Github, specify the access token in the password field.
    • If using Gitlab, specify the your password in the password field.

Fig. Push to git

Expected result: Your design is pushed to git in the given branch (e.g., main):

Fig. Result git push

  • We never save your git password so you have to input it everytime.
  • If there is a conflict, git will push to a new branch starting with conflicts-*

How to pull changes to your application?

  • Create a new file (e.g., in your local git:

Fig. Git create new file

  • Push the new file to your remote git:
git add
git commit -m "Add my script"
git push origin main
  • Click Pull to update your application:

Fig. Pull changes from git

Expected result: The new file shows up in the editor under Active content:

Fig. Pull changes result


Repository size limit: The pulled repository is not allowed to be bigger than 20 Mb.