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How to undeploy & purge

  • Click undeploy to start the undeploy process.

If the undeploy process encounters any errors, it stops with three options:

  • Undeploy: To start the undeploy process again from the beginning.
  • Purge: To delete all deployment data from the orchestration engine. But you delete the cloud resources (via the console or APIs) manually.
  • Resume: To retry the last failed step and continue the process. This option is useful when you want to retry a failed step due to a network connection error.

Fig. Resume undeploy

  • You can see a deployment history under Deployment History / Workflow uninstall:

Fig. Undeploy result

  • In the following example, the undeploy process failed to delete the VPC Vpc_test:

Fig. Undeploy result

  • To inspect the error: Click on the logging icon of the uninstall workflow:

Fig. Undeploy result

  • The following log shows an error response from the Open Telekom Cloud API (e.g., the backend server is unreachable):

Fig. Undeploy result