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How to choose a cloud provider to deploy

  1. Go to: Deploy
  2. Choose an environment to deploy (e.g., DEVELOPMENT).

Fig. Choose an environment to deploy


You can create multiple environents (e.g., development, test, production). In each enviroment, you can deploy an application in a cloud provider. To create an environment, use the button Configure / Environments.

3-5. Go to: Prepare next deployment / Locations.

  1. Choose OTC-EU-DE. This will deploy the application in the region eu-de of Open Telekom Cloud.

Fig. Deploy the application on OTC


The Cloud Toplogy Designer deploys your application on Open Telekom Cloud for free of charge (i.e., you only need to pay for the cloud resources you request on Open Telekom Cloud).

To deploy your application on Google Cloud, refer to the Google Cloud section.