Start deploying your application

  • Go to: Review & deploy / deploy.

Fig. Review and deploy

  • The deployment workflow shows which cloud resources are created on Open Telekom Cloud. In this example, a virtual router, network, port, floating ip, and compute node are created. Also, you can see the resources are created via the Open Telekom Cloud Console accordingly.

Fig. Deployment workflow

  • During the deployment, the orchestration engine creates a security group that allows the orchestration engine to access the compute node. Then it uses ansible to zip and copy the HelloWorld script on the compute node, and executes it there. The script prints out the HelloWorld text in the deployment logs. After the deployment completes, the orchestration engine deletes the security group preventing any further access to the compute node.

Fig. Orchestration engine deploys the HelloWorld python script via SSH


The bastion host section will explain the deployment workflow in more details.