How to specify an OpenStack flavor or an image for a compute

Recall that when we designed our first application, we specified the CPU, RAM, and distribution for our compute node. However, we did not input an OpenStack flavor and image. This is because the CTD designs the appication independent from any cloud providers.

After we choose a target cloud provider to deploy our applications (e.g., on Open Telekom Cloud), the designer shows all available flavors and images that the given cloud provider offers. For example:

  • If we input 1CPU, 1GB RAM, and the operating system ubuntu for the compute node, the designer shows two available options of ubuntu: version 16.04 and version 18.04 with the same number of CPU and RAM (see Figure below).
  • If we input 3GB RAM, the designer will show another option with 4GB RAM (because Open Telekom Cloud does not offer a flavor with 3GB RAM).

Fig. The matching phase proposes a matched flavor and image of OTC